Transformation Tuesday, Kings Cross & The Heljan 25 and 86

Heljan OO Class 25

Heljan OO Class 86

One of the nice things about this hobby is the social element to it. Last night in ye olde London towne a group, nine, later ten, of us met up. In two different pubs we were asked what’s the occasion? Erm, it’s Monday, was the answer given.

It was my first trip on an Azuma, which are a brilliant looking unit from the outside.

Lined up next to an HST it was nice to see just how well the older unit looks, and has lasted since large scale introductions in 1976. It will undoubtedly be recognised as one of Britain’s greatest trains in the future.

Starting at Kings Cross the transformation of the Northern approaches is astounding, back in the 80’s when I worked there the area was very run down, what a difference the last few years have made!

The use of the gas holder structure for new buildings is just genius!

Later in the day we got the opportunity to make adenoidal noises, assorted bleeps and squeaky sounds as Heljan’s Class 25 and 86 arrived for us to paw over.

Heljan Class 25 & 86

Heljan Class 25

Heljan Class 25

Heljan Class 25

Heljan Class 25

Heljan Class 25

Heljan Class 86

Heljan Class 86

Heljan Class 86

Heljan Class 86

Heljan Class 86

Of the ten of us that looked at the EP’s nine thought they were good, with one abstention. Of the ten of us that went out, all ten seemed to have a good time, talking shite, drinking beer and just enjoying the craic!

And, we didn’t ask about the pantograph for the 86. Weirdo’s eh?

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